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journeys in japan

“-Dancing Among the Gods- TAKACHIHO: Miyazaki Pref.”

About the Program

Takachiho is located in a mountainous area in central Kyushu. According to the Japanese mythology, Takachiho is said to be the place where the gods descended from the heaven.
There, you can still find many things and places that are related to the ancient stories.
One of the mythical ruins is Amano-Yasukawara. The cave is said to be a place where the gods gathered to discuss what to do when a sun goddess hid herself, plunging the world into darkness.
However, the highlight of this trip is a traditional dance called “Kagura” which is passed down From one generation to another for almost a thousand years. The dances which include stories from the old myths are performed all through the night to thank the gods for a good harvest.
On this edition of Journeys in Japan, Peter MacMillan travels to Takachiho and discovers how Japanese people have lived with gods from the ancient time.

It is a cave where the gods are said to have gathered.
It is located right by Amano-Iwato shrine.

It is a spring whose water is said to have been brought by the gods.
It is located in the middle of a residential area in Mitai District.

Takachiho Shrine
The oldest shrine in Takachiho has deep ties to Japanese mythology.
It shrines one of the gods that have descended to Takachiho.
Hour-long Kagura performances are held every night throughout the year for tourists at this shrine. Addmission: 500 yen

Takachiho Gorge
It is a scenic spot where you can appreciate the natural beauty of Takachiho.
The gorgeous Manai Falls is seen from the water by renting a row boat.
Rental Fee: 1500 yen / 30mins

The all-night Kagura is performed from November to February in about twenty communities in Takachiho.
For more information call Tourism Department at Takachiho City Hall
Tel: (+81) 982-73-1212

Akiyama District
It is a tiny community of about 50 households situated on the mountains about 40mins drive from the central Takachiho.
People worship different gods of nature in this village.

Minshuku Maroudo (an inn in this village)
8500 yen per night including dinner and breakfast
Tel: (+81) 982-72-7226 (in Japanese only)

Traveler: Peter MacMillan (writer)

Peter is reporting

Peter is reporting

- Amano-Yasukawara

– Amano-Yasukawara

- Manai Falls

– Manai Falls

- Kagura Perfomance

– Kagura Perfomance

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