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Exhibition – Sony Building Art Wall –

Sony Building Art Wall, Ginza, Tokyo

About the Art Wall


“The Sun, the Moon, and Fuji”

Many people think of Japan as a country of the sun, but the moon is very important in Japanese culture and has been since the Jomon period. To these two, I added Mount Fuji. In my poet’s heart if Japan has the sun, the moon and Fuji, it has everything it needs and the future will be bright. In the image I also put lots of Fuji’s. How many can you count?
The image is celebratory like series of decorative paper balls (kusudama 薬玉) that are about to burst open with hope for the year 2013. In this image I express my personal hope for the recovery of Tohoku, a bright future for Japan and that Mount Fuji will be registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013. The five rings express my hope that Japan can garner the Olympics in 2020.
In the center is a white snake pattern. The white snake is a symbol of purity and next year will be the year of the snake. The shapes also form tiny Fuji’s. This pattern is used in Noh costumes and has the power to rid bad energies.
In ancient Japan people believed there was a rabbit in the moon, and in this image a famous rabbit also substitutes for my signature. There is a sapling pine tree in the sun. I added the pine tree as pine branches are used in New Year decorations. But this image is made from a photo of the actual pine tree grown from seeds of the single pine tree of Rikuzen Takata. This tree became the symbol of Japan’s fortitude after the earthquake and through it I offer a prayer for the New Year that Japan will overcome it’s present diffi culties and grow tall and green towards the sun like the lovely pine sapling. The red and white folded paper in the center is called a noshi, and is attached as a mark of celebration for the New Year.
The design for the pine sapling is based on a photograph of an actual sapling from the famous single pine tree of Rikuzen Takata. Thanks to the kind owners of the sapling, Japan Youth Hostels, Inc., and to Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. who kindly provided the image. Students from the Faculty of Agriculture of Tokyo University offered many valuable suggestions in making the design.

 新しい年を迎えるにふさわしく、東日本大震災の復興途上にあるこの国に元気になってほしいという願いも込め、明るくおめでたいイメージを描くことを考えました。モチーフとして選んだのは、私が愛してやまない富士山です。大小さまざまな富士山を描き、2013 年の富士山のユネスコ世界遺産登録への願いも託した「富士づくし」となっています。あなたはいくつ見つけられますか? 
 2013 年は巳年です。蛇は古今東西の文化で信仰の対象となっており、特に白蛇は日本では幸運をもたらす縁起の良い生き物として敬われてきました。デザインの中央には、連なる三角形で蛇のウロコを表した伝統的な文様「鱗紋(うろこもん)」もあしらいました。この文様は有名な能の演目の衣装にも用いられています。また、鱗紋の三角形は富士山の姿にも重なります。
 金と銀の5 つの円は太陽と月を表しています。日本は太陽をシンボルとする国として知られていますが、縄文の昔から、月も日本の文化においては重要な位置を占めています。太陽と月と富士山がある限り、私にとって日本の未来は明るく輝いて見えるのです。
 5 つの玉はおめでたい「くす玉」でもあります。2013 年の到来とともに、艶やかなくす玉の開くように日本に福が運ばれることを願いました。また、5 つの円は「五輪」でもあります。2020年の夏季オリンピック・パラリンピックの東京招致成功への願いも込めました。


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